• Product Photography in Montreal !

    We were established in 2015 in response to the growing need for high quality and affordable product photography services for Amazon sellers and other online stores. As a business owner you need to concentrate on product development and marketing, without having to deal with the growing pains of learning new photography skills. Save your valuable time and leave the tideous work to professionals.

    Why use professional product photography?

    In every online business, good product photography is crucial. Every image has to have a magical appearance to attract new customers, so investing some upfront cash in professional photography services can certainly make a lot of sense. Business holders will indeed find the positive impacts to be much greater than the costs. In fact, almost everyone is already participating in various social networking channels. During the past years, advertising experts have observed the increasing power of professional images through social media. As a business owner, you are probably aware that pictures have a greater chance of going viral, thus, they are more preferred than text. Product photography is ideal to boost sales and start conversions on any website. We offer a quick turnaround delivery of stunning images that can bring your concepts to life at a competitive price.

    Are you looking to increase your web sales? Are you not getting enough fans on your social media page? Is your catalogue unable to lure the customers for your products? Do you want your products to preserve their content and quality when turned into an image?

    The answer to all these questions lies with product photography. It is essential for businesses that need to extend their customer profile and want to regain their loyal clientele to portray a proper image of their products. Product photography helps in making the products look expressive and lively, thereby attracting varied kinds of consumers.

    If you are an Amazon seller here are a few reasons why you should use professional pictures for your products from the get-go.

    What we offer for Product Photography?

    Our services are great for both e-commerce and catalogs. We create clean, crisp photos of your products on a background of your choice. We strive to provide quality photography at affordable prices for businesses of all sizes. We’ve spent countless hours in becoming more efficient in what we do, and therefore offer one of the most affordable prices on the market.

    Montreal Studio Déjà Vu Photography is your one-stop-shop for your entire product photography needs. Our goal is to provide Montreal and Quebec residents with the best photographic experience possible. Whether you’re interested in simple product photography, lifestyle or 360deg views of your products, we’re going to give you something unforgettable!

    Top-of-the-line customer service is what we owe you. We provide distinct and timeless images with an artful touch to the entire residents of Montreal, Quebec. Photography, as you see, isn’t a process – it’s a life experience, and ours is second to none!

    If you’re unable find a sample photo related to your product in our portfolio, please contact us and we will provide you with additional images of our most relevant photos to see if our photography is for you.

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  • Portrait Photography for Business

    When presenting yourself in the professional marketplace, through social media, printed materials and websites, your portrait is the first thing that any potential client gets to see and first impressions do count! We snap Portrait pictures of any individual or groups to reveal their perfect expression, individuality, mood and disposition. Similar to other forms of portraiture, we concentrate on the individual's face; however, the full body and background or framework may be integrated. Our photographers strive to build up a connection with you to ensure that photo sessions are comfortable and filled with casual fun.

    Real Estate Photography

    Whether you need property photos for print, graphic design or online sharing, we employ the use of superior photography gear and software to take remarkable images for realtors, real estate agents, architects, property managers, home owners and whoever else is engaged in leasing or selling property. We strive to make sure we deliver the best shots for your property to attract the right buyers or tenants. Take a look at our real estate photography page for samples of our HDR technique, as well as our usage of high quality wide angle lenses. We don't just show the furniture in the room, we show the entire space and lifestyle.

    Green Backdrop Photography

    The Green Screen physically takes the place of a curtain backdrop and, to put it simply, can take the guests anywhere in the world, real or make believe! Think landscapes, beach scenes, glaciers, celebrities, movie sets or maybe even a favorite cartoon or book character for a children’s party. Our Green Screen photography service in Montreal is tailored to our clients who range from business professionals to parents, teens and groups of friends looking for something fun to do together.

    Photo Retouching Services

    Our packages always include improving a selection of your digital images by enhancing the skin tone, removing dark spots, hiding acne, etc. We are experts in giving light artificial touch-ups to portraits so that they look more presentable. Even if you are a good photographer but you don’t have the time, the professional software or the skills to do such editing, but still want to improve your photos before sharing them in public, we offer you a very very cost effective way to improve your photos. We have specialized software for improving digital images and portraits. We do everything we can so that our clients look their best.

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